Introduction to Ariana

From cutting-edge botanicals to advanced natural phytonutrients, all ingredients have been thoroughly tested for purity and efficacy. Environmentally conscientious, Ariana uses only pure ingredients taken from well-known sources. Ariana does not engage in or support animal testing. Combining century-old botanical usages with the very latest in skin care technology, we are on the cutting edge with innovative, and effective solutions to today’s skin care needs.

Quality of Ariana

Renowned for the consistent high quality and efficacy of its products which are created from the best of both newly discovered as well as traditional natural ingredients. Many of Ariana’s skin care formulas are composed of these most effective and purest of ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed proteins: collagen, elastin, reticulin, placenta, epidermin, royal jelly, liposomes;
  • Natural moisturizers of exceptional quality: sodium PCA, mucopolysaccharides-hyularonic complex, hydroplex, panthenol
  • Natural exfolients: alpha & beta-hydroxy acids, natural enzymes
  • Exceptional Group of products containing Vitamin C derivatives.
  • The most effective natural oils: peach kernel oil, carrot oil, squalene, a wide variety of super-refined plant & vegetable oils
  • Other quality ingredients: cold processed botanical extracts, marine extracts (Algae), and highly effective vitamins (A, B5, B6, C, D3, E, F, H, K) blended in pure aloe gel.