An AquaFacial is an ideal solution for women and men looking to refresh and revitalize their appearance with a powerful but non-invasive treatment. This non-surgical procedure is perfect if you’re looking for immediate results without downtime or discomfort. In addition, the AquaFacial procedure is highly effective and safe for most skin colors and types.

What Is An AquaFacial Treatment?

An AquaFacial is a facial treatment that protects and rejuvenates your skin. This treatment is a recognized solution for improving the texture and appearance of facial skin easily and quickly. A resurfacing procedure, an AquaFacial treatment cares for your skin through cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating.

The AquaFacial acid peel is composed of glycolic and salicylic acids. This peel is gentle and creates only a faint tingle when applied. An AquaFacial treatment provides benefits to skin appearance and health and is effective in improving:

An AquaFacial generally takes approximately 30 minutes and produces immediate and beneficial results for all skin types. An AquaFacial is considered by many to be the most powerful nonsurgical facial treatment available but doesn’t require recovery time or cause discomfort.

Is An AquaFacial Right For You?

At Hellenic Laser Spa, we believe in developing personal relationships with our clients. This process allows our Certified Laser Professionals, Injections Specialists, and Licensed Estheticians to optimally assist you in determining which cosmetic treatment will most effectively help you achieve your goals. In addition, our medical aesthetician will examine your skin and review your medical history to determine which treatments best suit your conditions and needs. 

At Hellenic Laser Spa, we believe in providing affordable options for excellent skincare solutions.

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