IPL Photofacial

Join our growing community of highly satisfied Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial clients. This non-surgical skin treatment works to improve the appearance of your skin and leave it with enhanced color, tone and texture.

What is an IPL Photofacial?

IPL Photofacial technology uses light’s heat energy to stimulate your skin’s natural production of collagen. As this new collagen develops, improvements in your skin texture and tone quickly take place. Additionally, unlike lasers, IPL Photofacial devices emit more than one wavelength of pulsating light, allowing our laser specialists to treat a range of skin conditions simultaneously.

IPL Photofacial are ideal for targeting visible damage caused by sun exposure—photo aging—as well as the following skin conditions:

In addition, this type of treatment may be beneficial if you have undesired skin pigmentation due to health conditions or hormonal changes. IPL Photofacial can also treat the neck, chest, arms, hands, and legs.

What Are the Benefits of IPL Photofacial Skin Treatment?

The benefits of IPL Photofacial are numerous and include:

Is IPL Photofacial Skin Treatment Right for Me?

At Hellenic Laser Spa, we believe in developing personal relationships with our clients. This process allows our Certified Laser Professionals, Injection Specialists, and Licensed Estheticians to assist you in determining which treatment or product will most effectively help you achieve your skin care goals.

At Hellenic Laser Spa, we believe in providing affordable options for excellent skincare solutions.

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