CO2 Fractional

As one of our most popular skin treatments, CO² fractional laser skin resurfacing is a highly innovative solution that will rejuvenate & revitalize your skin. In addition, this treatment allows our clients a non-invasive and non-surgical option that can significantly improve skin tone & texture.

What is CO² Fractional Laser Skin Treatment?

Using advanced laser technology, our carbon dioxide—CO²—laser for skin resurfacing targets precisely the following skin conditions:

Our CO² fractional laser skin treatment uses the Mixto® resurfacing laser. This laser quickly exfoliates skin cells, removing the outer, superficial layers of damaged skin to reveal softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin below. The remodeling of your skin occurs with new skin and promotes the growth of collagen & elastin.

Is CO² Fractional Laser Skin Treatment Right for Me?

At Hellenic Laser Spa, we believe in developing personal relationships with our clients. This process allows our Certified Laser Professionals, Injection Specialists, and Licensed Estheticians to assist you in determining which treatment or product will most effectively help you achieve your skin care goals. 

At Hellenic Laser Spa, we believe in providing affordable options for excellent skincare solutions.

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