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Deluxe Exfoliation Treatment

Our Deluxe Exfoliation Treatment is a complete treatment including multiple services to obtain optimal exfoliation results.  This comprehensive treatment includes a dermaplane followed by a micordermabrasion finished with a chemical peel.  This treatment can help you reveal firmer, smoother skin and restore the health and condition of your facial skin.

Seasonal Treatments & Facials

Hellenic Laser Spa also offers seasonal treatments & facials all year.  Contact us today to help you determine the best skin care treatment for you!

Which Skin Care Treatment or Facial is Right For You?

At Hellenic Laser Spa, we believe in developing personal relationships with our clients. This process allows our Certified Laser Professionals, Injection Specialists, and Licensed Estheticians to assist you in determining which treatment or product will most effectively help you achieve your skin care goals.

At Hellenic Laser Spa, we believe in providing affordable options for excellent skincare solutions.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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