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Professional Laser Hair Reduction in Denver

One of the less painful, most effective ways of reducing, and even, permanently removing hair is by the means of a laser. This procedure uses a non-invasive light that penetrates the skin down to the melanin (pigment color) in the hair root. The light is selectively absorbed by the melanin of the growing hair and the photothermal effect of the light damages the hair growing cells. This heat destroys the growth structure of the individual hair so that it will not grow back.

hair growth cycle

Hair Growth Cycle

There are three possible stages in which each hair might be: anagen (actively growing), catagen (resting) or telogen (dead). The light waves only affect hair when they’re actively growing. This is the reason why applying this procedure several times over a period produces the best results. Typically, hair loss starts to occur after two weeks. New hair will appear after 3 -6 weeks, but not in the same density as before. New applications of the procedure are recommended at this point to diminish the appearance of hair with each session.

Laser Hair Reduction Procedure

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Before the procedure, it’s important to consult a physician and to execute the appropriate testing to determine the laser effect on the customer’s skin. Several precautions must be taken into consideration, such as avoiding sun tanning and certain skin treatments.

The procedure starts with cleansing and marking the area where the laser will be applied. Not treated surrounding areas are covered with a towel. Eye protection is provided to protect from light flashes. The skin that will be treated is cooled before the procedure. Ice packs or cooling gels are used. The laser handpiece is then used to apply pulses of light on top of the gel, in a grid-like manner. The light is intense and might feel like a mild snap of a rubber band. The treated area feels warm for up to an hour or so after the treatment, that’s why cold-water compresses are used to cool down the area along with aftercare skin lotions. Follow-up consultations and monitoring of the treated area are essential.

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