A Solution for Acne Scars

skin treatment with professional beautician

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The use of a CO2 fractional laser has become one of the most popular treatments for acne.

It works by aiming a laser beam from a CO2 laser, which gets fractionated (divided) into thousands of narrower beams of light. These beams are aimed at the skin where the acne is.

After the acne is exposed to the laser beams, it starts to heal. In doing so, brand-new collagen protein gets laid down in the area, which reduces the appearance of acne scars and gives the skin a much smoother, even texture.

This type of treatment improves acne scarring by 30-50% from just a single treatment. However, results are variable, and it depends on the severity of the acne scars.

Most people require between one and three treatments to see amazing results. Usually, the sessions are performed at around six-month intervals.

What Happens During the Procedure?

certified esthetician and cosmetologist doing facial treatment
Just one week after your treatment, your acne scarring will have healed.

Usually, you are given a numbing cream that is applied to the skin an hour before the treatment, which reduces the potential discomfort that the fractional CO2 laser can cause. A stream of cold air is blown over the skin during the procedure to further reduce the discomfort.

The total procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. The healthcare professional will give you some goggles to protect your eyes, and the fractionated CO2 laser will be aimed at your acne scars.

Post-procedure, you may experience some skin swelling, but this is normal. The skin may start to peel around the surgical areas a few days after the procedure, and it should be fully healed after a week.

During the week after your procedure, it’s best to refrain from activities like swimming or intense exercise to avoid agitating the skin. To book your CO2 fractional laser treatment, contact Hellenic Laser Spa today.

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A Solution for Acne Scars

The use of a CO2 fractional laser has become one of the most popular treatments for acne. It works by aiming a laser beam from

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