The Rejuvenating Facial Treatment You Need This Winter

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Winter can be hard on your skin, especially if you live in an area like Colorado that sees a lot of cold and dry air throughout the season. While you’re bundling up to combat the outside elements, it’s also important to protect your complexion from the harshness of winter by giving it a little extra care with a rejuvenating facial treatment. Here’s what you need to know about this treatment and how it can help you look and feel great this winter.


Exfoliate is the first step in the rejuvenating winter facial treatment. Dead skin cells, which can dull your complexion, are sloughed off during exfoliation. The process also stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage to nourish your skin.


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Exfoliate is the first step in the rejuvenating <strong>winter facial treatment<strong>

This step is the most important. It will hydrate and moisturize your skin to prevent dryness and flaking. A hydrating facial mask, such as a honey or clay mask, can be applied for 10-15 minutes to seal in moisture and create a protective barrier on the surface of your skin.

Deep Cleanse

The deep cleanse is a mechanical and chemical exfoliation which removes dead skin cells. Your therapist will use a scrub to gently remove the top layer of skin cells and unblock your pores. Next, they will extract any blackheads or other impurities with a comedone extractor to reduce breakouts. Finally, they will use an enzyme mask to nourish and balance your skin’s natural pH levels.


Toning your skin after cleansing will help remove any residual oils and dirt. Toners are used to hydrate the skin, which is key in winter when the air is so dry. A toner also helps balance out your skin by helping control acne-causing bacteria. The last step of a facial treatment is often moisturizing, which is important because winter can take a lot of moisture away from your skin.

Lift and Brighten

A brightening treatment will help restore elasticity, giving you a fresher appearance. A lifting and brightening treatment can be combined with other treatments to target specific areas of the face. To get that wow factor at the end of your facial, ask for a light peel or microdermabrasion.

Moisturize With SPF

It’s important to always use SPF on your face, even in the winter. The sun is still strong at that time of year and can damage your skin, causing you to age faster. Plus, a moisturizer with SPF will protect you from the cold, dry air outside and help lock in moisture.

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