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Co2 Fractional – a really good experience

I had a really good experience.

I recommend it if you feel like a CO2 Fractional. Most people don’t need one until later in life…. for everybody… I REALLY LOVE the Gentle Cleanser. I’m stuck on it. — This is my first product review in my life– I got it & the sun block for after-care, I knew I was low on sunblock, had already tried my usual shop & it was out, didn’t feel like shopping w/ laser marks– so I sprung for both the sunblock & cleanser. The cleanser is the DEAL! My gosh — I use it 2 times/day, as recommended. I love it! You put on a little & add water & it makes this foam — it’s so much fun, sometimes I wash my face twice… My skin feels fabulous! I’ve been using organic stuff from Vitamin Cottage & I’ve always thought that it was Colorado climate… My skin is much softer, fresher, all that stuff you hope for & forget about at my age…After nearly a month, I’ve only used 1/3″… that means I have at least 6 months supply. If you love your face & you’re in Lowry, stop by — get the cleanser & look at the art — They’d probably give you a quick tour — They have an amazing collection of original oils. & free chocolates. Cleanser, art tour, handful of chocolates. Thanks!

– Sandra

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