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Today’s busy life and hectic working rhythm leave little room for thoughtful eating, exercising and sleeping as we should. It’s much faster to heat up a frozen meal and to skip the workout and grab some drinks instead. It all comes down to our habits and organizing ourselves a little better. Today, we share with you some simple good habits in the kitchen to live a healthier lifestyle.


Great tips to include in your daily routine: In the Kitchen

1. 3 ingredient meals

One of the reasons people end up buying fast-food is due to the lack of time to prepare meals. If you keep it simple and vary your options, you can eat healthier. Check out a list of simple, easy-to-do recipes that use only three ingredients.

2. Eat more soups and stews

Making soup is a great way to save money and time. You just have to prepare one large batch and freeze the rest in single-serving Tupperware. Stews are a great way to add those undesirable veggies you don’t like. By combining them with other ingredients, you won’t even notice them.

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3. Prep in the weekend

Washing and chopping veggies for salads or stews can take up some time. Save some time of your Sunday to do this and leave everything for assembly in the week. You can put all your greens in one container, diced tomato in another, shredded carrots in another, and so on. Make sure to separate soggy and watery veggies from the rest as these are the culprits of accelerating the process of salads going bad.

4. Eat mindfully

As we shared in a previous post on Mindfulness, we can apply this technique to every action we do in the day. Not paying attention to what and how we eat can lead to unnecessary calorie ingest and even diseases. If we set some time aside, preferably away from a monitor, and make sure to breathe between bites, you’ll be able to notice when you’re full much faster.

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We will continue to share more tips on how to live healthier in our future posts. There’s no one else responsible for our health than ourselves. Taking care of our body by observing what we eat, how we treat our body and providing it with the best options we can will pay off in the immediate moment and long run. Learn to make some easy detox smoothies and some advice on how to fight fatigue and improve your energy.

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