Winter advice for your skin

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Winter weather takes its toll on our skin and hair. The dry cold air affects our skin making it dry. If it’s not properly taken care of, dry skin might flake and crack. Indoor heating also dries out the moisture from our skin. It’s important to use the correct moisturizers and avoid certain practices that might end up making our skin drier. Today we share with you some important tips to taking care of your skin during winter.

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Tips to take care of your skin in winter

It’s vital to moisturize

Your skin will try to adapt to the harsh weather conditions but you definitely need to give it a big hand by moisturizing. Make sure to use the right products, and those are the ones that are oil-based. This type of lotion or ointments will leave a protective layer on your skin that will retain moisture longer.

You can also use natural moisturizers that you can easily get in your kitchen. Some good all natural moisturizers are:

1. Olive Oil: it’s the best oil for dry skin in winter. It’s a powerful antioxidant and helps repair damaged skin. It also helps prevent acne and wrinkles.

2. Honey: the nectar of the gods has amazing properties for your overall health. It’s also a great moisturizer. Massage honey on your skin and wait for about 10 minutes, finally rinse with warm water.

3. Coconut Oil: this superfood is also a powerful moisturizer. It will help your with skin problems or very dry areas like the elbows, knees and hands.Women Health and Fitness

A useful tip is to make sure to avoid long steaming hot showers. The prolonged contact with hot water will leave your hair and skin dry. Make sure to always dress accordingly to keep your body heat in place and to protect your skin and hair from harsh conditions. Adding healthy fats to your diet, such as those found in fish, nuts, avocado and olive oil will help boost your skin.

Taking care of yourself includes learning about the best things for your body and skin. Prevent dry skin this winter and use these natural healthy moisturizers for great results. Read about how to survive the holidays in a healthy way and learn about the best foods for your skin.

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