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certified laser technicians in Denver

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At Hellenic Laser Spa, in Denver, we strive to deliver the most professional service along with top-notch equipment and facilities. Our staff members play an essential role in the quality of our service; it makes our customers return and recommend us. Working with certified laser specialists allow us to offer a wide variety of services for skin resurfacing treatments, vascular treatments, teeth whitening, laser hair reduction, nail fungus laser therapy and more. Today, we want to share some information on our staff members, so you get to know our professionals.

Certified laser spa specialists in Denver

George Team Photo

George Archaniotis
Owner, Certified Laser & Injections Specialist

Originally from Denver, CO, George started his career in Manufacturing and Finance before graduating from Rocky Mountain Laser College. While attending college, George developed a business plan for a laser spa. Shortly after, those dreams became a reality when he opened his first med spa located in West Wash Park. His goal was to offer premium laser treatments at affordable prices. One year later, he opened a second location in the Lowry Town Center. George enjoys educating clients on the lasers and how they work to create results. He eventually opened Colorado Laser Institute where he teaches students on laser safety, laser systems, treatments and injections.

DR. Kotelko Team Photo

Dr. Dennis Kotelko                                                            
M.D., Medical Director                                          

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Diana Rotenberg
Certified Laser Professional, Injections Specialist, Licensed Esthetician


Brian Walton                                                           
Laser Specialist & Licensed Esthetician

hellenic team 04

Liana Aminova
Laser Specialist & Licensed Esthetician

Leave your skin care in the hands of the best professionals in Denver. Visit Hellenic Laser Spa is located in Lowry Town Center, on 7465 East 1st Ave., Suite C. Our qualified staff members make your experience comfortable and efficient. Visit us for a consultation. Learn of ways to rejuvenate your skin and health tips on how to moisturize during winter.


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