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Hellenic laser spa in Denver

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Among the many other spas in Denver, Hellenic Laser Spa stands out on its own, in several ways. Our staff will work with you to develop the right solution based on your needs. We specialize in bringing you the service that is right for you! All our treatments are performed by laser trained professionals, licensed estheticians, and certified injection specialists. To help you decide today, here are some reasons why we’re one of the top spas in Denver.personalised skin care in Hellenic Spa

Personalized care for your skin

Our main care is our customers. We strive to provide personalized service, as each person has unique needs. You will find a friendly environment, informative consultations, solid specially made skin care plans and follow-up services; all in the hands of the best professionals in Denver.

Wide variety of services

We know about skin treatments! Our services include Laser Hair Reduction, Injectables and Fillers, CO2 Fractional Treatment, Microdermabrasion, IPL Photofacial, Teeth Whitening, Venus Erbium Laser, Chemical Peel / Jessner Peel, Vascular Therapy, Thermo-Lo treatment, Dermaplane, Nail Fungus Laser Therapy, and Electrolysis.

Affordable prices 

We offer treatment packages and deals that you won’t easily find at other spas. We also offer Interest-Free Financing. Take a look at our prices and see for yourself!

Top-notch facilitiesEssential body massage oils

Not only are we located within 5 minutes from Town Center, but our facilities will give you the certainty that you’re in a premier medical laser spa. Check out our photo gallery to peek around!


Client feedback of the week

I had a really great experience at Hellenic! I recommend the Co2 Fractional if you feel like this treatment is for you. I REALLY LOVE the Ariana Gentle Cleanser and SPF for aftercare. My skin feels fabulous! I thought it was the Colorado climate that dried my skin out but my skin is much softer, fresher and the product goes a long way. If you’re in Lowry, stop by for a tour or consult. They are always so helpful in answering my questions. Thanks George!

-Sandra B.

personalized skin care

Call us today to schedule a consultation and begin your personalized skin care plan!

Hellenic Laser Spa is located in Lowry Town Center, on 7465 East 1st Ave., Suite C.  All our treatments are performed by laser trained professionals, licensed estheticians, and certified injection specialists. We offer: CO2 Fractional Treatment, Injectables and Fillers, Skin Resurfacing treatments, Laser Hair Reduction, Teeth Whitening, and much more. Check our prices.

Contact us for more information: 303.366.3222 or email us at

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