Health Care Smart Tips: Foods to avoid when trying to lose weight

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Losing weight can definitely be a challenge for many. There are many aspects to consider when you’re planning to shed some pounds off your scale. If you plan to lose a significant amount of weight, make sure to consult with a professional first, as extreme weight loss can drastically affect your health. Once you know your goal, get a diet and exercise plan to get you started. You will learn to start including new foods into your meal plans, as well as to getting rid of others.

Today we share with you some snacks to avoid when trying to lose weight. It’s important to include snacks into your diet, as it keeps your metabolism going and helps you control cravings. Remember: we are what we eat! So make sure to get healthy nutritional snacks and avoid the following list of no-nos.

Drinking water for health

Snacks to avoid when you want to lose weight

  1. Trail mix. Eating store-bought trail mix usually incurs in additional sugar and salt. Processed chocolate adds unwanted calories from sugar and palm-oil especially. Instead, try doing your own at home: get your favorite dried fruit and unsalted nuts. This is a great snack that will provide you with great nutrients.
  2. Pretzels. Ingesting too much salt will increase the levels of sodium in your body, leading to water retention. This water retention can lead to bloating and puffiness. Pretzels are loaded with salt, instead, switch to nuts like pistachios that contain more protein and fiber.
  3. Diet Soda. Even though most people go for diet sodas when in a diet, this is one of the most detrimental things you can do to your body. Artificial sweeteners are well-known to be negative to our health. Instead, drink sparkling water or create your own flavored water by adding cucumbers, lemon, whole fruits and using natural sweeteners like stevia.
  4. Bottled Smoothie. Virtually anything bottled will have more sugar than what you expect. Make sure to read bottle labels as sometimes the calorie count is per serving, which is not the whole bottle. Make your own smoothies instead. This way you’ll know what you’re having and exactly how much to drink.
  5. Granola. Even though granola is quickly associated to be a healthy snack, it is packed with sugar and fat calories. A half cup of granola with skim milk can have up to 360 calories. Instead, have whole oats or instant oats and add fruit or your favorite nuts to it.
  6. 100-calorie snack packs. Again, another product that can be promoted as healthy but in the end is getting more sugar and carbs into your body. There are many cookie packages, like Oreos and Chips Ahoy, and other snacks that even though they might have only 100 calories in them, they usually don’t fill you up so you end up eating two or more. Instead, switch for roasted pumpkin seeds or other nutritious natural snack that will have fewer calories and more good stuff.

Aside from weight loss benefits, remember that a proper nutrition and hydration is essential for your body and for having a glowy skin! 

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