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Get rid of dark spots on your skin

Our skin suffers the passing of time and, inevitably, collects marks from different sources. Dark spots or skin spots are areas of our skin that become darker as an effect of scaring, Sun, natural skin aging, and some illnesses. The fact we get our skin marked doesn’t mean we have to live with it for […]

DIY Winter Scrubs for Skin

We recently shared a post on how to make your own moisturizers at home to fight winter’s harsh weather. Moisturizing is essential, and so is exfoliating and giving your skin a good deep cleanse. Even though you don’t feel your skin flaky or dull, a regular exfoliation can help you achieve great-looking skin. Skin exfoliation […]

Essential Health Tips to Enjoy the Holidays

The holiday season is everyone’s favorite time. The chilly weather brings smells of pumpkin pie and Christmas’ cookies. Families get together, friends invite you over and delicious food is shared. Unfortunately, these times of abundance also mean putting on some extra pounds for some. On average, people gain at least one to two pounds, and […]

How to fight fatigue and improve energy levels

Fatigue is a frequent state that many people nowadays have to deal with. Vitamin D, called the sunshine vitamin, has several significant roles in our bodies. Some functions include aid in the absorption of Calcium to strengthen bones, lower blood pressure, help cellular regulation, and decrease the risk of cancer. A new study established another function of this […]

Best Laser and Beauty Spa in Denver

Among the many other spas in Denver, Hellenic Laser Spa stands out on its own, in several ways. Our staff will work with you to develop the right solution based on your needs. We specialize in bringing you the service that is right for you! All our treatments are performed by laser trained professionals, licensed […]