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Skin Care Tips: What is SPF?

Getting a daily dose of sun is vital for our bodies. We are like plants, we need sun. Sun rays activate Vitamin D and help it get to work in our bodies. But, all extremes are bad. And when it comes to Sun exposure, we raise more red flags than wanted.The atmosphere’s layers have changed, […]

Skin Health Tips: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered one of the top secrets when it comes to skin care. This vitamin, found in a wide range of fruits in nature, can achieve younger, healthier and more radiant skin. There are substantial studies that have analyzed how this vitamin works and how it can greatly benefit our skin. Today, we […]

Skin Resurfacing: Venus Erbium Laser

A revolutionary skin resurfacing treatment that does not uses chemicals, Venus Erbium Laser effectively exfoliates and ameliorates skin surface. It’s the same principle of a chemical peel but with an enhanced laser. Venus Erbium Laser Procedure The epithelial layer is removed in all of these procedures with the goal of rejuvenating the skin to an […]

Vascular Therapy: Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

A common skin problem, commonly known as spider veins and varicose veins, can occur in legs and face. The medical term for this is telangiectasia or angioectasia, which are small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Some other similar skin issues that can be treated with IPL are: Rosacea, (facial inflammation), broken […]

Teeth Whitening: For A Pearly Smile

Amazing Denver Smile in Less Than 1Hr Ever felt self conscious about your smile? Have you seen people with a beautiful pearly smile and how unafraid they are of showing off their teeth? You can get that same confidence in less than an hour! Using one of the top industry products, Beaming White® System, you can get […]