New Year’s Resolution: Have Better Skin

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What better way to welcome the new year than by having a great list of resolutions? New Year’s Resolutions give us an exciting start to the year and hope for another great one. Taking care of ourselves should always be at the top of our list. What we eat, how often we exercise, our lifestyle; everything affects our health and overall state. Our skin is our largest organ and acting constantly as a filter, barrier, soldier and more. Commit yourself to your health and start taking care of your skin now. Today we share with you some great ways to take care of your skin.

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Best advice to taking care of your skin

Use Sunscreen

Yes, we’ve heard it many times, but we don’t use it as we should. The atmosphere’s changes due to pollution have been increasing and we need to protect our skin now more than ever. People think that it’s not necessary for winter when we actually need it all the time. Make sure to use the right SPF and apply it correctly. Learn about how SPF works.

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Cleanse Mildly but Regularly

Cleansing and toning are part of a routine that is extremely important, and the effect is clean soft skin in the long run. For everyday use get a gentle cleaner and a gentle peeling that will polish the outer layers of the skin. Use nutritive, lifting, or clarifying mask (depending on your skin’s needs) once or twice a week. And of course, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Regularly, no cheat days!

What comes in, shows in your skin

One of the most essential reasons for a great skin is taking care of what we eat. There are powerful and basic nutrients we need in our organism that will help everything function better. The trending superfoods have great benefits for our skin some are even common foods in our kitchens. We have to make sure to add the best foods into our plates such as almonds, blueberries, vegetables, fish and all that will boost our skin. Hydration is vital, as well. Make sure to drink plenty of water all the time, daily.

Look after your skin with the best treatments

Once the damage is done, we can help remove it and improve it. By looking after your skin we’ll be monitoring it to avoid any unwanted marks that can end up bringing more harm. Skin rejuvenating treatments like CO2 Fractional, Venus Erbium Laser and IPL Photofacial help achieve this. We offer the top skin treatments in Denver and many options to satisfy your needs.

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