Essential Health Tips for Women


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There are many important things to always keep in mind when it comes to our health. One of the most important ones is to do a regular checkup for prevention. Among many other tips, there are some health tips that are essential for women. Based on a list created by Dr. Oz and other experts, here is a compilation of some of these essential health tips for women.

Great Health Tips for Women

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Great advice to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Laugh out loud: laughing eases stress, promotes social bonding and lowers blood pressure. It can also boost your immune system. So, go ahead, don’t be shy about having a good laugh.

Never skip breakfast: the more fiber (of the right kind) you eat in the morning, the less hungry you get in the afternoon. People that don’t eat breakfast tend to feel tired towards the afternoon and gorge on sugar.

Sleep well: getting a good dose of 7 hours of sleep a night will help you live longer, lower your stress, sharpen your memory, and reduce cravings.

Girl with Back PackLight up with color your plate: foods with bright rich colors are packed with flavonoids and carotenoids, which are powerful compounds that fight free radicals and inflammation.

Breathe deeply: You don’t have to spend meditating every day (although it is recommended) to get your dose of oxygen, but breathing is often overlooked and our bodies do not get enough oxygen. Breathe mindfully, with your belly, push your elbows out and inhale through your nose until your lungs are full. This dose of oxygen will make you feel happier and more alert.

Sweat till wet: 1 hour a week of sweat breaking workout will help reduce the risk of heart attack, increase your mood, lower your blood pressure and help your muscles become more efficient.

Drink green tea: drink as often as you want, Green Tea is packed with heart-boosting and cancer-stopping polyphenols and it delivers a boost of alertness, from an even smaller dose of caffeine than black tea.

Take a peek before you flush: Your poop speaks a lot about how your gut and overall health is doing. Poop should be smooth and S-shaped, like your colon. Any variations in consistency or color may indicate issues. Make sure to include fiber and water in your diet to help you regulate your digestion.

Keep friendships close and enduring: women live longer than men because of the tight networks women make. Talking about your problems and having someone to support you will help you deal with stress and reduce inner aging.

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Start including these best practices into your daily routine today! The faster you take control of your life and live it in a healthier, more active and conscious way, the more benefits you will reap. Read more about health tips and what snacks to avoid when trying to lose weight or where to get the best beauty treatments in Denver.

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