Health Care Tips: Importance of Sun exposure for our bodies

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One of the best things about Summer is that we get to enjoy the sun and to be outdoors as much as we can. But it is not only during Summer that we should go out and get a daily dose of Sunlight, but it’s also something we must do daily, even past the summer days. The direct exposure to UVB rays, found in sun rays will make our bodies synthesize Vitamin D. This Vitamin is essential for our overall well-being and to keep our bones strong and healthy.

Vitamin D affects virtually every cell and tissue in our bodies. It is absorbed by the cell nucleus to take part in the expression of genes that control optimal physiology, immunity and cell growth and regeneration. Healthy Vitamin D levels to protect your body against all cancers, heart disease and lowers blood pressure and it is critical for bone strength. Also, it prevents and even heals diabetes, reverses depression and elevates mood. Vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of developing lupus.



Tips to smartly enjoy Sun exposure

  • Moderation and Sunburn Prevention. You only need to expose your skin for about half the time it takes for it to turn pink and get sunburnt.
  • Sunscreen inhibits vitamin D production. We know it’s very important to protect your skin, but allow yourself some time to get the sunshine on any area of exposed skin without sunscreen (10 to 15 minutes will do!)
  • If your shadow is shorter than you are tall, the sun is at the right angle for your skin to make Vitamin D!

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