Spring Specials & Product of the Month: Pineapple Enzyme Scrub

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Spring’s here! And it’s time to start wearing skirts and shorts again. What to do about those awful looking spider veins? No need to worry! Enjoy our Spring Specials and reduce the look of those spider veins from your legs. Also, get your teeth whiter or permanently remove fungus from your nails. Read below for more details. Today, we also share information on our featured Product of the Month: Pineapple Enzyme Scrub.

April Specials

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Teeth Whitening:  BOGO!  $169

Buy One Get One for $169! Beaming White Teeth Systems brighten teeth shades whiter in a matter of minutes.

Get a pearly radiant smile this Spring!woman looking at legs

Vascular Therapy: 20% OFF!

Reduces the look and severity of spider veins in legs and other areas. Consultation required prior to treatment.

Nail Fungus Therapy:  Only $399 (1 hand or foot)

Have embarrassing nail fungus that you’d like to get rid of permanently? We use lasers to heat up and destroy fungus. Plan includes 12 treatments over the course of a year.  Both hands OR both feet for $599.  {Reg. $899 for both feet.}

Product of the Month: Pineapple Enzyme Scrub

This is an effective exfoliating, retexturizing, refining, and nourishing treatment scrub. Efficient and non-abrasive exfoliation is achieved by the combination of Bromelain enzyme (which is obtained from pineapple) and the action of Jojoba beads. The enzyme helps to effectively remove excess surface cells, while the micro spherical jojoba beads dissolve and release their nourishing jojoba oil into the skin. This process produces improved skin texture and leaves the skin with a luminous glow. The ultimate result is refined and moisturized skin.

Key ingredient: Bromelain

It is an enzyme found in pineapple which is widely used as medicine. Its properties offer many uses such as: reduces swelling, treats hay fever, bowel conditions that include ulcers, removes dead and damaged tissues after burns, prevents collection of water in lungs, relaxes muscles, stimulates muscles contraction, prevents cancer, shortens labor and helps the body get rid of fat, among others.

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Hellenic Laser Spa is located in Lowry Town Center, on 7465 East 1st Ave., Suite C.  All our treatments are performed by laser trained professionals, licensed estheticians and certified injection specialists. We offer: CO2 Fractional Treatment, Injectables and Fillers, Skin Resurfacing treatments, Laser Hair Reduction, Teeth Whitening, and many more. Check our prices.

Contact us for more information: 303.366.3222 or email us at info@helleniclaserspa.com.


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