June Specials – Microdermabrasion and Jessner Peel combo treatment (ends tomorrow)

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Looking for a skin resurfacing treatment to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin, wrinkles, rosacea or broken capillaries? You need Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment! This treatment will stimulate the production of collagen to decrease fine lines, and improve acne scarring. And if what you’re looking for is to deeply exfoliate your skin to achieve a smoother and cleanse, check out June’s Bonus Offer on Microdermabrasion and Jessner Peel! Read more about these offers and our Products of the month below.

Co2 Fractional treatmentJune Specials

40% off IPL Photofacials! (regularly $210)

Start your summer right with a fresh glow!  Try our IPL Photofacial for only $140 each when you purchase one or $120 each when you purchase a 3-pack for $360.  Reduces sun spots, sun damage and reds like rosacea and broken capillaries.

We recommend a series of 3 for the best results.  Check out the results for yourself!  Call now to schedule or to book your free consultation.

BONUS OFFER – Available Today and Tomorrow (June 5 &6)

Need a Facial Refresher??

Our Microdermabrasion and Jessner Peel combo treatment is just the thing!!  We use light crystals to gently exfoliate dead skin and debris from your skin’s surface.  We then apply a layer of Jessner Peel that consists of Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Resorcinol to help dry up live acne, shrink up pores and further exfoliate your skin leaving you with a fresh layer of glowing skin!  Regularly $59 for Microdermabrasion and $45 for Jessner Peel.  Get a 3-Pack now for only $120!!  Call to purchase over phone or stop in to prepay. (303) 366-3222


Ariana Fruit Enzyme SerumImageProxy

Fruit Enzyme serum is a unique non-oily natural enzyme system that loosens blackheads and exfoliates other debris that clogs pores.  It dissolves and exfoliates the dead cells of the outmost layer of the skin’s surface.  Recommended for all types of non-sensitive skin and is beneficial for problem, oily, pigmented, dull and tired skin.

Ariana Multi-Fruit Cream

This ultra-light, hydrating treatment cream is recommended for normal to oily and blemished skin.  A complex of natural botanical extracts, vitamins and amino acids help to moisturize and balance the skin while the multi-fruit AHA blend gently assists in exfoliating dead skin and controls bacteria.  This moisturizer helps to prevent the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts and inflammation associated with oily skin.

Call us today to schedule a consultation and begin your personalized skin care plan!


Hellenic Laser Spa is located in Lowry Town Center, on 7465 East 1st Ave., Suite C.  All our treatments are performed by laser trained professionals, licensed estheticians and certified injection specialists. We offer: CO2 Fractional Treatment, Injectables and Fillers, Skin Resurfacing treatments, Laser Hair Reduction, Teeth Whitening, and many more. Check our prices.

Contact us for more information: 303.366.3222 or email us at info@helleniclaserspa.com.


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